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The Foundation foundation of a strong family, a coherent community and a peaceful world is found in the literal birth of the individual. With Woman was established to promote a mothers’ right to give birth in a safe and nurturing environment, and for babies to be welcomed to the world gently, in calm and loving surroundings.


We believe that we will best accomplish these goals by promoting the midwifery model of care through the support of working midwives, the provision of training for future midwives, and the establishment and support of birth centers and home birth care in communities around the world.

With Woman recognizes the autonomy, skill and cultural relevance Port St. Lucie of individual midwives in their communities. We respect the work that they do and endeavor to assist them in the ways they desire IF they so desire. We do not attempt to force a change of practices nor replace them with "better trained" personnel or "more appropriate" sites, or to usurp their authority in any way. Likewise, WW respects the individuality and autonomy of each and every woman we serve. We are honored to work with her in her cultural setting and under the auspices of her providers. We will not intentionally undermine providers, women or cultural constraints in any way.

With Woman, Inc., is a 501C3 organization.
Donations are tax deductible.


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